Social responsibility

Dedicated and entrepreneurial employees who make things happen, conduct themselves respectfully and assume responsibility are key to our success. We are committed to good working conditions, and providing attractive job and development opportunities.

Un­der So­cial re­spon­si­bil­ity we have iden­ti­fied three cen­tral is­sues for our sus­tain­abil­ity strat­egy: em­ployee de­vel­op­ment, oc­cu­pa­tional safety and health and the eco­nomic per­for­mance.

Training and development:

Employee motivation and the personal advancement of employees at all levels of the organisation are very important to us. We embrace the concept of continuous employee development guided by jointly defined goals and objectives, regular performance reviews and diverse training and development opportunities.

Our ambition: We want to provide targeted training for our employees and significantly expand individual development opportunities.

Occupational health and safety:

Our employees are the key to our success. Accordingly, supporting and promoting their health and safety is a top priority. We pledge to ensure a safe and healthy workplace and are constantly investing in improvement projects and in occupational health and safety training.

Our ambition: By 2025, we aim to establish a harmonised employee health management plan for the entire Group.

Economic performance:

Our overarching goal is steady value creation for all stakeholders. Furthermore, we invest in our production sites and are committed to maintaining them, and to protecting existing job and creating new ones.

Our ambition: We want to continuously create added value for all stakeholders. We are committed to our production sites and invest in them to safeguard existing jobs and create new ones.