Environmental responsibility

We are aware of our environmental footprint. Responsible management of resources is a top priority at the Group level and at every ORIOR centre of competence.

The sec­tion en­vi­ron­men­tal re­spon­si­bil­ity of our sus­tain­abil­ity strat­egy en­com­passes three cen­tral is­sues : food waste and pack­ag­ing, cli­mate and en­ergy as well as wa­ter.

Packaging and food waste:

Globally, we are still throwing away far too much food, and also the waste from food packaging is increasing. For years, we have been optimising our production processes and logistics to reduce the volume of waste we produce. Equally important is the close collaboration with our partners in upstream and downstream value chain steps.

Our ambition: By 2025, we want to cut our food waste per kg produced by at least 25% compared to our 2018 baseline.

Climate and energy:

Climate change and globally increasing energy consumptions are among the most challenging environmental issues of our times. We believe it is our duty to continue increasing our energy efficiency and protect the climate for future generations. Transparency of our current emissions is also a major concern for us, which is why we disclose our emissions data annually to the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP).

Our ambition: From 2022 onwards, we will implement climate-neutral operations in Switzerland; this will be extended across the entire Group from 2025. Our ambition is to reach net zero by 2050. You can find more information on the climate-neutral operations here.


Water is an essential resource for the ecosystems of this planet, and the access to clean water is a human right. Also at ORIOR we want to protect this valuable good, at our production sites ans also in our supply chain. 

Our ambition: By 2025, we want to reduce our water intensity by 15% compared to our 2018 baseline.