Group structure of ORIOR AG

Board of Directors

Rolf U. Sut­ter, Chair­man
Markus R. Neuhaus, Vice Chair­man
Remo Brun­schwiler
Monika Friedli-Walser
Wal­ter Lüthi
Monika Schüp­bach
Markus Voegeli

Executive Committee

Daniel Lutz, CEO ORIOR Group
An­dreas Lind­ner, CFO ORIOR Group
Filip De Spiegeleire, CEO ORIOR Eu­rope and CEO Culi­nor Food Group
Max Dreussi, CEO seg­ment Con­ve­nience and CEO Fredag
Milena Math­i­uet, Chief Cor­po­rate Af­fairs Of­fi­cer

Extended Executive Committee

Ste­fan We­ber, Co-Founder and CEO Ca­su­al­food

ORIOR Corporate

Gior­gio Mollo, CIO ORIOR Group
Ste­fan Graf, Chief Sup­ply Chain Of­fi­cer
Bern­hard Pfulg, CFO ORIOR Switzer­land

ORIOR Convenience

Max Dreussi, CEO Fredag
Os­car Marini, CEO Le Pa­tron
Os­car Marini, CEO Pastinella
Clemens Rüt­ti­mann, CEO Biotta

ORIOR Refinement

Tazio Gagliardi, CEO Rapelli
Christoph Eg­ger, CEO Al­bert Spiess
Wal­ter Koller, CEO Möfag

ORIOR International

Filip De Spiegeleire, CEO ORIOR Eu­rope and CEO Culi­nor Food Group
Ste­fan We­ber, Co-Founder and CEO Ca­su­al­food
Michael Weigel, Co-Founder and CEO Ca­su­al­food