Product responsibility

Excellence in Food rests not only on our superb craftsmanship and the recipes and production processes, but also on the raw materials we use.

Three cen­tral sus­tain­abil­ity is­sues were iden­ti­fied within the area of prod­uct re­spon­si­bil­ity: sus­tain­able raw ma­te­ri­als, the wel­fare of the an­i­mals and safe and healthy prod­ucts.

Sustainable raw materials: 

We care about the raw materials we buy and process, as well as about where and under which social and environmental conditions they are produced. We must take all of these aspects into consideration to promote sustainable development across the entire value chain.

Our ambition: By 2025, we aim to significantly increase the relative share of the sustainable raw materials and organic ingredients we source.

Animal welfare:

Respect for farm animals along with responsible and humane breeding, husbandry and slaughter methods are fundamental to our corporate culture and these basic principles must also be embraced by every supplier we do business with, in Switzerland and abroad.

Our ambition: By 2025 we aim to source all meat for the Swiss market from Switzerland, from other producers that comply with Swiss animal protection laws or are certified by a sustainable / organic label.

Safe and healthy products:

It is our mission, responsibility and duty to produce food that meets high standards in terms of culinary excellence, top quality and wholesome nutrition. To achieve these aims, we are willing to take action and invest in numerous projects and initiatives.

Our ambition: By 2025, we aim to significantly increase the relative share of healthy products.