The culinary gem in Eastern Switzerland

Möfag is regarded as one of the country's leading meat refinement companies. All its specialities are characterised by their delicious, spicy aroma. Only carefully selected spice mixes and choice cuts of meat, coupled with the skills of a noble handicraft, guarantee a delicious culinary experience.

The product range encompasses both well-known traditional specialities such as delicately smoked products, exquisite ham variations, famous Appenzeller Mostbröckli cured beef and succulent types of bacon and own creations, including flavoursome lamb, horse and poultry specialities and seasonal treats for the barbecue.




  • Traditional Eastern Swiss recipes
  • Cleanroom technology 
  • Innovative, flexible, customer oriented
  • Handles small volumes very efficiently
  • Rapid time-to-market

Other brands from Möfag:

Fürstenländer Spezialitäten

Smoked delicatessen products, Mostbröckli, and ham and bacon variations: Fürstenland Specialities stand for pure and hearty enjoyment. Learn more