Strengthen the immune system naturally

Prevention is particularly important in winter and in the current fragile pandemic situation. With a healthy diet, the immune system can be supported and protected against possible viruses or bacteria.

One of the most important vitamins in the fight against viruses or colds is vitamin C. Vitamin C protects the body from infections, especially in stressful situations, and contributes to normal energy metabolism. Two well-known natural sources of high vitamin C content are the tropical stone fruit acerola and the small, orange sea buckthorn berry. These two vitamin C bombs are contained in Biottal Vital Immun, as well as vitamin A from the contained carrot juice in combination with wheat germ oil. 

Vitamin A also increases resistance to infections. Vitamin A belongs to the fat-soluble vitamins, which is why the body needs fat as a means of transport for absorption. Together with apples and oranges, Biotta Vital Immun forms a harmonious fruit and vegetable cocktail that does you good and tastes great.

Ginger is also a well-known household remedy for colds. The substances it contains, known as gingerols, are said to stimulate the circulation and help symptoms of illness and colds subside more quickly. Ginger also warms from within. The pungent tuber is also suitable in the kitchen; whether in curries, soups, teas or in flavoured water. Ginger gives a dish or drink the ultimate kick. The Biotta Essence Ginger consists of 99% pure ginger direct juice and can be used as an excellent alternative to fresh ginger.

And last but not least there is elderberry. Hippocrates recommended the flowers and berries of elderberry, as did Hildegard von Bingen. Even today, elderberry is an important native superfood. Elderberries and their flowers are traditionally used for colds and coughs, where they are said to have a good effect. There are various studies on the anti-inflammatory effect of the flowers and the antiviral and antioxidant effect of the berries. Biotta Elderberry contains both the berries and an infusion from the flowers of the elderberry. The juice is therefore an effective treat during the cold season and can be drunk diluted with hot water or slightly warmed.

Biotta Vital Immun, Biotta Essence Ginger and Biotta Elderberry are available in pharmacies, drugstores, health food stores or online e.g. at Puravita.

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