Cook quickly, eat healthily

During the lockdown period, people suddenly spent much more time at home. They realised the importance of healthy eating and started cooking for themselves. They had more time and inclination to chop vegetables and try out new recipes.

A balanced diet supplies all the important nutrients, minerals and vitamins and is vital to keep both body and mind healthy. Even with the gradual return to everyday life, this requirement has not simply disappeared. Culinor has developed a simple, innovative and very natural solution that is tailored to this need.

Natural, healthy and sustainable meals
Culinor’s new Natural range comprises healthy, balanced fresh meals for meat, fish and vegetable lovers. The ideal solution for a quick, crunchy and well-balanced lunch or dinner, prepared in a matter of minutes in the microwave, steamer or oven. Convenient but without compromising on taste, healthiness or sustainability. The concept is based on three pillars: “Food is a lifestyle”, “Let’s get healthy” and “Let’s protect our planet”. These maxims run like a common thread through the selection of ingredients, the recipes and the preparation of the dishes.

Food is a lifestyle
Natural was conceived for people who regard nutrition to be a major part of their lifestyle. Healthy, balanced and authentic food is important to them, but they cannot or do not want to devote much time to it.

All Natural dishes are certified with an A on the Nutriscore scale. The emphasis is on plenty of vegetables (50% on average) and pure flavours (roughly chopped and grilled vegetables) with no preservatives or flavour enhancers. Within the range, there is a combination of animal (meat or fish) and vegetable proteins that are ideal for a flexible lifestyle. Some of the meals are gluten- or lactose-free.

Let’s protect our planet
Sustainability is of great significance for Natural meals. Seasonal and local products guarantee a minimal CO2 footprint. All meals are sold in eco-friendly packaging to reduce plastic waste.

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