Biotta vitamin boost

New year, new happiness. Anyone who has set themselves the goal of healthier and more conscious nutrition will find a good tip from the Biotta universe.

Anyone who eats a healthy diet and does not have an increased vitamin requirement can cover their nutrient needs via the healthy diet according to the well-known food pyramid. However, the “Fachinformation Ernährung” of the Federal Food Safety and Veterinary Office (FSVO) shows that only just 17.8% of the Swiss population eat the recommended “5 a day” (two portions of fruit, three portions of vegetables of approx. 120 grams each or a handful in various colours). In keeping with our New Year's resolutions, this is exactly where we could start.

According to the recommendation of the Swiss Nutrition Society, one portion per day can be replaced by 2dl of vegetable/fruit juice (without added sugar). When choosing fruit or vegetable juice, it is advisable to opt for natural organic products. Biotta juices are 100% natural, have been organic for over 60 years and contain no additives. An ideal complement for a vitamin-rich start to the new year and a balanced diet.

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Important characteristics for natural organic products:

Important characteristics for natural organic products:

  • 100% direct juice (no juice from concentrate, as valuable ingredients are lost during processing).
  • Juices without additives such as added sugar (fruit/vegetable juices naturally contain sugar), colourings, preservatives, added vitamins or minerals (fruit/vegetable juices naturally contain vitamins and minerals)
  • Unfiltered juices that still contain trub substances. Trub substances are natural ingredients that remain in the juice during the juice extraction process and then often settle in the bottle as sediment. The solids contained in this sediment consist largely of valuable secondary plant substances.