High-quality fresh pasta

Thanks to the ever growing demand for convenience products, Pastinella is now one of the leading companies in this business segment. With high-quality fresh pasta, Pastinella occupies a dominant position in the Swiss market. 

Pastinella covers the whole range of pasta products: creative seasonal and regional interpretations of fresh pasta specialities and blanched pasta with tasty homemade fillings. Pastinella offers a world premier since autumn 2013: the first pre-cooked, refrigerated fresh pasta with no gluten and lactose – and no compromise on quality or flavour.



  • Produced in Switzerland with a passion for the culinary handicraft
  • Full of flavour thanks to choice, fresh raw products
  • 100% natural ingredients – free from flavour intensifiers and preservatives
  • Free-range eggs from regional farmers
  • Low salt content and the use of high-grade fats