Our measures for social responsibility

To achieve our goals we are pursuing the following measures:

Training and development:

  • For several years, we have been providing a comprehensive training programme with a variety of modules in the form of the 'ORIOR Campus'. We plan to continually develop our training services.
  • To enable the long-term retention of workers already within the ORIOR world, we decided to introduce cross-level talent management in 2018. This is not limited to talent in leadership positions, but also covers staff with exceptional skills who do not hold a managerial role.
  • In addition, we have set ourselves the goal of introducing a comprehensive performance and impact assessment of training and development opportunities, including setting goals for the following year, by 2025.

Occupational safety and health:

  • ORIOR has set itself the target of implementing the Swiss Safety Center's model solution for all Swiss competence centres by 2025, thus harmonising current local solutions. The comprehensive concept covers compliance with legal safety regulations as well as the promotion of occupational health.
  • In individual operations, a safety officer monitors occupational safety, and at least once a year, they work together with the occupational safety team to formulate safety objectives and corresponding measures tailored to the particular area of operation.
  • Access to an external ICAS counselling centre is another key element of our health management. This enables personal matters relating to work and private life, as well as life-skill-related or legal issues, to be discussed with a professional consultant day or night.

Economic performance:

  • One key element is the consistent strengthening of the competence centres and the group’s broad positioning. Thanks to the acquisition of Culinor in Belgium in 2016 and of Biotta in 2018, and the staged takeover of Casualfood in Germany between 2018 and 2022, ORIOR has strategically established a pioneering position for the future: the resulting diversification has created new, unique opportunities for ORIOR and boosted its resilience.
  • We are committed to our production sites and are continually investing in maintaining and modernising our plants. In doing so, we are seeking to perform successfully on the market, safeguard existing jobs, and use new growth opportunities to create additional job openings.