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Zurich, 26 September 2011

Well attended Investors' Day at ORIOR AG's Pastinella and Le Patron facilities

Around 30 institutional investors toured the Pastinella facility in Oberentfelden and the Le Patron facility in Boeckten on 23 September 2011. They took up the invitation to attend ORIOR AG's first Investors' Day.

ORIOR AG's Management Board showcased two distinctly positioned companies operated by the leading manufacturer of fresh convenience food products in niche markets. Pastinella and Le Patron products as well as the facilities where they are produced were presented to the investors and detailed presentations on the corporate strategies and business philosophies of these two competence centres were given.


Pastinella, established in 1988 and part of ORIOR AG since 1996, produces more than 30 tons of fresh and chilled pasta – with and without fillings – a day for the company's Pastinella, Ticinella, Rapelli and Traiteur Seiler brands and is the Swiss market leader for fresh pasta. Quality assurance is crucial, as quality manager Nadine Hauser explained: “New technologies and innovation constitute the basis of our sustained growth. Thorough risk assessment when introducing new raw materials and processes and an analysis of potential effects on existing products are indispensable.” ORIOR AG has met with every one of its suppliers in person and internal and external audits are conducted on a regular basis.


75 000 to 80 000 meals are prepared every day at Le Patron's industrial kitchen in Boeckten. In July, 16 000 meals were delivered daily to the athletes attending the international Gymnaestrada in Lausanne. And all of these meals are freshly cooked without preservatives or artificial flavour enhancers. “Our meals are like home-cooked meals, the only difference is the quantity,” says Urs Aebi, Head of Le Patron. The Le Patron competence centre is ideally positioned to address new trends in the fast-growing food service market and it has been a trendsetter itself by launching new and innovative services.


In the words of Remo Hansen, CEO of ORIOR AG: “We organised a tour of these two competence centres to show investors the different alignments and the uniqueness of our various activities. The highly automated Pastinella facility in Oberentfelden bears testimony to our leadership in this segment of the Swiss market while the creative, artisanal operations in Boeckten with their optimal logistics and speed are nearly impossible to copy. Both are good examples of the company's strength in the niches where it is successfully doing business and where it will continue to grow.”