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Zurich, 16 November 2015

ORIOR 2020 - Embracing the future with an entrepreneurial spirit

ORIOR'S new management brought a four-month strategy process headlined “ORIOR 2020” to a successful conclusion in September 2015. The principal aim of the strategy is steady value creation supported by five strategic pillars: “House of Innovation”, “Brand strengthening and expansion”, “Agility and cost efficiency”, “The ORIOR responsibility” and “We are ORIOR”.

The ORIOR 2020 strategy was developed in an iterative process in which senior managers and other key employees throughout the ORIOR Group participated together with the Board of Directors, which approved the final plan. ORIOR 2020 creates the framework for the next chapter of ORIOR's sustained corporate success. An attractive dividend policy was reaffirmed in this context. Sales growth and absolute EBITDA increase were communicated as selected key indicators of steady value creation.

The competence centres philosophy will be strengthened and the Group's potential will be successfully leveraged under the new Champion Model. In 2020 ORIOR will be operating in Europe.


House of Innovation

In Switzerland, ORIOR is in a class of its own as a true innovator for its brands and private labels. ORIOR is striving to better understand consumers and their consumption patterns and to extend its innovation beyond the product into new concepts, services and processes. Achieving these goals will require further progress in terms of insights, flexibility and speed. Innovation will be reorganized and strengthened as part of the Champion Model. Under this model – the new functional Group Innovation Manager will cultivate and promote innovation – innovation throughout the entire value chain and throughout the Group.


Brand strengthening and expansion

ORIOR's brands are well known. Efforts to differentiate and refine core brands will be intensified by increasing our investments into marketing, which will include the greater use of modern communications tools and selective point-of-sales activities. Marketing competencies will be further broadened and deepened driven by a new organizational structure within the Champion Model. The new brand positioning for Rapelli will be launched in 2016.


Agility and cost efficiency

Flat hierarchies and short decision-making processes bring us closer to customers and consumers. Group-driven strengths and scale will be better utilized across all competence-centres to create efficiency advantages, enhance know-how and steadily improve production and process workflows. Within the scope of an ongoing Group-wide operational footprint analysis, the Churwalden site was closed to optimise capacity at the Davos-Frauenkirch meat curing facility. A procurement project was also launched to drive cost savings and strengthen the procurement organisation. It will centralize the sourcing of raw material, packaging material and services that are required throughout the Group, provided such centralization is value-adding.


The ORIOR responsibility

Sustainability is part of our core business and the foundation of Excellence in Food. We assume responsibility at every stage of the value chain. We are attentive to the interests of all stakeholders and target groups and our activities are in accord with the principles of sustainability. Key points are sustainable procurement of raw materials, environmental stewardship, animal welfare, the continuous improvement of our recipes with natural ingredients and reduced levels of sodium and sugar, and training and development programs for employees.


We are ORIOR 

ORIOR is proud of the cultural diversity evident in its competence centres. “We are ORIOR” is predicated on basic entrepreneurial spirit: That makes us strong and facilitates the successful execution of the ORIOR 2020 strategy.


A word of thanks

The Management is grateful for the drive and determination of all employees involved in the ORIOR 2020 strategy process and its now ongoing implementation.



A presentation on the ORIOR 2020 strategy can be downloaded from 11:30 a.m. (CET) on 16 November 2015 by clicking on the following link: