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Zurich, 12 April 2018

Shareholders approve all proposals of the Board of Directors

ORIOR AG held its 8th Annual General Meeting as a listed company in Dübendorf today. The 566 shareholders who attended the meeting represented 3,789,844 of the voting rights or 58.15% of the outstanding share capital consisting of 6,517,499 shares.


All of the Board of Directors' proposals were passed by the Annual General Meeting. The annual report, the annual accounts and the consolidated financial statements for 2017 were approved, as was the seventh consecutive increase in the dividend. The ordinary dividend payment of CHF 2.17 per registered share (previous year: CHF 2.09) will be paid on or around 18 April 2017.


Shareholders subsequently elected the following previously serving Board members for another one-year term of office: Rolf U. Sutter as Chairman, Edgar Fluri, Walter Lüthi, Dominik Sauter and Monika Walser. Josef Ming was elected to the Board of Directors as a new member. At the constitutive meeting of the Board of Directors after the conclusion of the Annual General Meeting Edgar Fluri was elected Vice Chairman. The Annual General Meeting also elected the three proposed candidates for the Compensation Committee – Rolf U. Sutter, Monika Walser and Josef Ming. The Board of Directors appointed Monika Walser as chairwoman of the Compensation Committee.


Ernst & Young AG, Basel, was confirmed as auditor for the 2018 financial year and Ines Pöschel was re-elected to serve as independent proxy until the conclusion of the next Annual General Meeting in 2019.


The Annual General Meeting accepted the Board of Directors' proposal to renew the authorised but unissued share capital that expired on 12 April 2018 for the period until 12 April 2020 and to amend Article 3b para. 1 of the company's Articles of Association accordingly. Moreover, all proposals regarding compensation of the members of the Board of Directors and the Management Board were approved.