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Zurich, 14 May 2018

End result of the offer by ORIOR Menu AG, a Company of the ORIOR Group, for all publicly held registered shares of Thurella AG

On 26 March 2018, ORIOR Menu AG («Offeror») published an offer («Offer») for all publicly held registered shares of Thurella AG with a nominal value CHF 50.00 each («Registered Shares»). The offer price for each Registered Share amounts to CHF 148.00 net in cash (the original offer price of CHF 150.00 was reduced by the cash distribution of Thurella AG of CHF 2.00 per Registered Share paid on 2 May 2018).


Until the end of the additional acceptance period on 11 Mai 2018, 16:00, 134,095 Registered Shares were tendered to the Offeror. This corresponds to 95.06% of all Registered Shares to which the Offer relates. Including the 265,375 Registered Shares to be acquired by the Offeror under the conditional share purchase agreements with the main shareholders of Thurella AG and the 920 own Registered Shares held by Thurella AG or its subsidiaries, the participation quota of the Offeror amounts to 98.29% of all issued Registered Shares and voting rights of Thurella AG at the end of the additional acceptance period.


The payment of the offer price for the Registered Shares tendered during the offer period and the additional acceptance period will be made on 17 May 2018.


As described in section C.7 of the offer prospectus, a squeeze-out merger with cash compensation shall be carried out in a further step. As a result of the merger by absorption, Thurella AG will be fully integrated into the ORIOR Group and the remaining shareholders receive a cash compensation.


Additional information

The offer prospectus of 23 March 2018 (in German) is available at