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Zurich, 15 December 2015

ORIOR AG: Powering ahead into 2016
  • Oscar Marini the new CEO of Pastinella and Group Innovation Manager of ORIOR AG
  • Strategic partnership with veggie pioneer Tofutown signed

ORIOR House of Innovation: Champion Model initiated throughout the Group

A high level of innovation is crucial to ORIOR's success going forward and it must be further strengthened, not only with regard to the products but also in terms of concepts, services and processes. As Group Innovation Manager, Mr. Oscar Marini will oversee and advance the pursuit of innovation throughout the value chain and across all competence centres within the Champion Model. His remarkable acumen in discerning trends, his passion for culinary delights and his willingness to transform even unconventional ideas into practical solutions will have a creative impact on innovation.


New CEO for Pastinella as of 1 January 2016

In addition to his role as Group Innovation Manager, Oscar Marini will assume management responsibility for Pastinella in Oberentfelden as of 1 January 2016. The pasta market is highly competitive and under pressure from foreign suppliers. Success in this segment requires an astute focus on existing and new market niches and a greater emphasis on innovation, quality and freshness. Under the leadership of Oscar Marini, the focus on fresh pasta will be sharpened considerably and the competence centre philosophy of ORIOR accentuated.

Daniel Lutz, CEO of ORIOR AG: “With Oscar Marini as Group Innovation Manager and CEO of Pastinella, we have enlisted the talents of an expert with more than 25 years of experience in innovation management and strategy development as well as a strong track record in the pasta business. We are looking forward to this reinforcement.”


Strategic partnership with German veggie pioneer

ORIOR and Tofutown have signed a licensing and cooperation agreement. Beginning 1 March 2016, ORIOR's NATURE GOURMET products will be exclusively produced and marketed by Tofutown – the German veggie pioneer – for the Luxembourg, Austrian and German markets. Tofutown, headquartered in Wiesbaum (DE), is the leading producer and distributor of organic vegetarian products in Germany. The NATURE GOURMET brand will be pan-Europeanized and strengthened through the collaboration with Tofutown. “We are delighted to have the opportunity to produce, market and continually develop NATURE GOURMET's top quality products within the scope of this strategic partnership with ORIOR. I am also looking forward to building a long-lasting, successful business relationship with my Swiss colleagues,” remarks Bernd Drosihn, CEO of Tofutown. Daniel Lutz, CEO of ORIOR, is likewise pleased: “ORIOR is the veggie pioneer in Switzerland; Tofutown is the veggie pioneer in Germany – this partnership offers unique potential.”