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Zurich, 31 May 2016

Successful ORIOR Investor Day at Rapelli's Mastri Salumieri

ORIOR's Investor Day welcomes the investors and analysts to its Rapelli site in Stabio today. The event provided the guests with valuable insights on the tasty world created by Rapelli's Mastri Salumieri.

Update on ORIOR 2020 strategy

Daniel Lutz, CEO, and Ricarda Demarmels, CFO, opened the Investor Day with an update on the ORIOR 2020 strategy. Management outlined the ongoing projects and measures launched under this strategy and gave several examples to document the progress that has been made during the past few months. The new branding concept for tofu specialist “Noppa's” and the latest product launches, for example Rapelli's new BBQ hit, an Italian-style chicken sausage, were presented, highlighting the “House of Innovation” and “Brand strengthening and expansion” pillars of the ORIOR 2020 strategy. The analysis stage of the two major projects, the operational footprint project and the sourcing project, was completed and both are now being implemented. Management also informed the participants about the planned concentration of all vegetarian product competencies at the site in Root and the ensuing integration of the site in Rüti into the Fredag center of competence. All ten employees in Rüti will be given the opportunity to continue the success story of Noppa's specialities.


Tradition, craftsmanship and passion on display at Rapelli

After giving a brief overview of Rapelli SA, Glauco Martinetti, CEO of Rapelli, led participants on a tour of the production site in Stabio. Rapelli presents the best that Ticino has to offer in Italian-style cold cuts with its “Rapelli” heritage brand, “Ticinella” terroir brand and “Val Mara” artisanal brand. Since 1929 Rapelli's special combination of know-how, tradition, craftsmanship and passion has produced a long line of specialities made from exquisite ingredients and with an uncompromising commitment to quality. Participants were able to discover first hand during a tasting at La Bottega Rapelli, where the brand's latest television commercial was also made. La Bottega Rapelli – a showcase of the unique world of pleasure the Mastri Salumieri have to offer with that extra portion of zest for life for which Ticino is renowned.